Adriano Monteiro is a Brazilian composer of electronic and instrumental music, creator of multimedia installations, and a live-electronics performer. His works have been played in several Brazilian cities and three of his acousmatic compositions were released in the albums : CCJ-experimental (2009), NMEchá (2012), NMEaniversário (2012).

As a live electronics performer he integrated intonarumori from 2008 to 2009, a group of multimedia performance based in Campinas. In 2009 he collaborated with the bass player Lucas Araújo in a duo of experimental electronic music, and through 2012/2013 in a duo of electronics with Tiago de Mello (AMtdm). Since 2011, he has collaborating with the electroacoustic music collective NME and currently with the composer and experimental instrument designer Eduardo Nespoli.

Adriano Monteiro graduated from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Music composition with a Bachelor in 2010 and a Master’s Degree in 2012. His Master’s research addressed computer music topics such as design of digital music instruments and sound analysis applied to musicology. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in musicology at UNICAMP where he research is focused on physiological based computer models of the auditory system to be applied to analysis of sound-based music.

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